Just like you are, we actually are the sufferers of primary hyperhidrosis.

Therefore, we had gone through many bad experiences and we know exactly how all the special people feel.

Here at WetHandsClub, we would like to share with all of you, the resources that we have gathered over the years. Hopefully Malaysian hyperhidrosis sufferers can benefit from them and do not have to suffer in silence or alone any more.

I am Darren Loh, the admin of the Wethandsclub. Wethandsclub has been established to spread the awareness of hyperhidrosis in Malaysia in the 2006. There are people who I would like to thank to get this club started. Special thanks to Dr Khoo (currently residing in IHeal Hospital, Mid Valley) who gave us the needed publicity and a few friends (Deric Cheong, Lee) who came out to speak for hyperhidrosis problem for the local newspaper TheStar. We probably have gone our own ways since achieving our dryness on our palms, I have also decided to stop running the Wethandsclub forum in the past due to maintenance effort and cost of hosting the website. When one of my Facebook friends who has hyperhidrosis problem joined Wethandsclub Facebook group, I was told that he has gained so much knowledge from Wethandsclub website. I did not know that Wethandsclub that we have created back then has touched and given hope to many sufferers out there. Today, Wethandsclub website is making a return, and continue to give hope to all sufferers out there.

I had a difficult childhood due to my excessive sweating on palms and feet. Skipping prize giving ceremony and social events during my school days had completed destroy my self confidence and hope in my life. Even suicidal thoughts had crossed my mind, as I could not understand the reason that I had to face my life with such a shameful condition.

Back In the 90s, hyperhidrosis was completely unknown in Malaysia. When Internet started to get more popular, I had the chance of accessing more resources online and started researching about hyperhidrosis. Soon I found out that hyperhidrosis was very common especially in United States. A few years later, I came to know one surgeon in Penang, Dr Prem who was conducting trial on the Conventional Thoracic Sympathectomy. This surgery cuts the sympathetic nerve, which regulates sweating and a sympathectomy was complicated.  Doctors would have to collapse the lungs to perform the delicate operation. He has attempted to perform surgery on both sides of my chest, which was something that he had not done previously. However, I had lost a lot of blood during that surgery and I only had my right side of my chest operated in the end. It was a life changing moment for me as for the first time in my life that I have a dry palm even though it was only for my right palm. The recovery for the surgery has been very slow and painful. It was a big scar on my right side of my chest. I was supposed to go for the second operation for my left side but I did not go for it as I was traumatized by the difficult recovery time. The chest pain from the scar did not heal until many years later.

When I started working, my excessive sweating on my left palm started to bother me. I started looking for help, and I have noticed such surgery could done in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr Khoo, a visiting surgeon in Sunway Hospital has performed my second surgery. It is no longer the Conventional Thoracic Sympathectomy but it is known as Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy Surgery or ETS in short. For ETS surgery, microscopic scope can go to the site of the sympathetic nerve easily. As a result, it is just a small incision under my arm. Recovery has been fast, about 1 week.

Even though majority of the patients have achieved dryness in their palms, it is not effective for the feet or plantar hyperhidrosis. Some members also have reoccurrence of hyperhidrosis on their palms as the nerves can regrow and reconnected over time. Compensatory sweating (CS) is also a common side effect that comes after ETS surgery.

There are two primary solutions for hyperhidrosis.

ETS Surgery with Microscopic Scope

If you want a permanent solution only for your palmar hyperhidrosis (palms), please consider ETS surgery. The surgery is not cheap, the cost of ETS surgery in Malaysia is about RM10000. It has about 90% of effectiveness or success rate for palmar hyperhidrosis. However, please read more about its risks as you can easily become the 10% who have regretted the surgery. Please consult experienced surgeon like Dr Khoo from IHeal, Mid Valley.


For those who are afraid of the surgery risks and its costs, you should consider Iontophoresis treatment. Iontophoresis does not carry high risks like ETS surgery but it requires patience and persistency as you need regular treatment to maintain the dryness. I have reviewed a new Iontophoresis device recently and I am happy to share that it has helped to reduce the sweating on my feet. I have achieved about 70% dryness and the treatment still continues today. You can follow my review on the Iontophoresis device (Iontoderma id-1000) that I have used

Finally, I would like thank you for spending some time reading my journey in hyperhidrosis world, and I hope that my story would inspire you and have given hope to you. Let me assure you that you are not alone in this hyperhidrosis world. Please join us at our Wethandsclub Facebook group, if you require assistance and someone to talk to.