Generally iontophoresis is safe as it has been used in sports treatment originally to stimulate muscle recovery.

Iontophoresis involves applying low intensity electric current (12-21 mA), supplied by a D/C generator to the palms/feet/armpit immersed in an electrolyte solution. The procedure has to be repeated regularly, initially 30 mins a day for several times per week until you have achieved the desired result. Once the desired result is achieved, you can maintain the condition by having 1-2 treatments every week or two weeks.

However, iontophoresis is not recommend if you are having the following conditions,
– are pregnant
– have epilepsy
– have a heart condition
– have a pacemaker or other metal implants, such as artificial joint replacements.

If you have undergo ETS surgery before with clipping /clamping method, this treatment is not recommended for you as the clips are metal based (titanium).

DIY devices
Iontophoresis is not a complicated device and you DIY this at home (at your own risks). You just need a DC current (battery), two aluminium pans, and some wires to hook everything up. There are plenty of youtube videos showing you to build a device on your own.

– Inexpensive. Cost of materials could be under RM100 / USD20

– Not user friendly
– Must use new batteries in each treatment session ? Or else how do you can maintain a consistent 12V for every treatment session?
– Fire hazard if you don’t know what you are doing.

Commercial devices
Generally there are 3 types of commercial devices in the market.

Battery operated
Battery operated device is cheaper than direct current/pulse current devices.  However, it typically comes with a proprietary battery and it has to be replaced regularly. Furthermore, battery operated device might not be able to deliver consistent result in every single treatment session. Please consider getting a spare battery if you plan to use this in long term. Example of battery operated iontophoresis device, Drionic.

There is 90-day money back guaranteed program and you can a full refund after returning the product.

Direct current
This is the most popular device in the market currently. After reviewing several products in the market, Iontoderma stands out for its simplicity and competitive pricing.

We have contacted Iontoderma in Facebook to understand more about their product, Iontoderma id-1000. Their reply has been very prompt and the support team are extremely patient with our questions. The shipping of the product is free, comes with 2-year warranty and 60-day money back guarantee. From Montreal, Canada to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the shipping has taken about 5 days. We are very happy with their customer service and how we wish every shipping from our online purchases are up to this standard.

If you are interested to see our detailed review on Iontoderma id-1000, please follow our review here.

Pulse current
This is the most expensive type of device. The key selling point of pulse current device is that the treatment will be more comfortable as the current will be in pulse/intermittent basis. Just imagine instead of getting a full 12V of current in a 30 mins treatment session, you will get intermittent 12V due to the pulse current.

In a way, the effectiveness of pulse current device is weaker than a direct current device. Probably you need compensate this by having more or longer treatment session.